Drug Crimes

Whether it is a ticket for carrying a joint, or the SWAT Team kicking in your door, a drug crime must be dealt with immediately. Many drug offenses can result in prison sentences, even if you have no prior criminal record. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side when you go to court. We will look at many issues, including:

• Search and seizure issues. Whether the search was at your home or in your car, we need to look at whether the search was justified, and whether the search can be thrown out, along with all of the evidence that was gathered.

• Informants. The police call them Confidential "Reliable" Informants, but most people just call them snitches. We need to know what evidence they have, what they are getting in exchange for setting you up, and whether any of the allegations are supported by tape recordings.

• Non-conviction solutions. In some cases, first time offenders may be able to negotiate an outcome that does not result in a criminal conviction, avoiding a felony conviction on your record.